April 24

Let's Make Mom's Mother Day Extra Special with these Surprises



We’ve all seen the chore coupon books husbands and kids give their mom for Mother’s Day. Instead of creating a coupon book that will problem not be used, tackle a few of the chores on the list below. 

        𝥁 Dusty the ceiling fans in all the rooms 

        𝥁 Sweep and spray off the front or back porch 

        𝥁 Clean the cabinets inside and out 

        𝥁 Pull the couches out and sweep and mop or vacuum where they sit 

        𝥁 Pull out the stove and clean out behind it 

        𝥁 Clean the inside of the oven 

        𝥁 Clean out the refrigerator 

        𝥁 Clean the inside of your trash cans

        𝥁 Wipe down baseboards, moldings, doors, and door frames        

        𝥁 Wash windows inside and out      

        𝥁 Vacuum window screens 

        𝥁 Clean and vacuum your mom’s car 

        𝥁 Clean carpets and rugs 

        𝥁 Vacuum and clean out vents 

To make it even better, take the weekend and complete all the tasks on the list. Your mom or wife will thank you! 


Mother's Day

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