8 Best Stay at Home Date Night Ide

stay at home date ideas for couples


A Valentine’s Day in instead of out can be the best. You do not need to battle the crowds, and you don’t have to stay out late. But you still want to make the night special. Check out these ideas to have a lovely night home together. 

  1.  Board Game Date Night: Dust off the board games and spend the evening with games and snacks. 
  2. Dinner for Two: Find a new recipe to cook together. Cooking together will be an excellent opportunity to talk and learn a new recipe together. 
  3. Create a Bucketlist: Spend Valentine’s Day by sitting down together with a batch of brownies and thinking about the things you both want to do together and as individuals when the world opens back up. 
  4. Livingroom Picnic: Instead of waiting until the evening of Valentine’s, celebrate with a living room lunch picnic with all your favorite picnic foods. 
  5. Go for a Hike: Find a new trail to discover with your sweetie. You can chat and find unique views together. 
  6. Stress-Free Plans: If you can’t choose what movie to watch for date night, use the Netflix Roulette tool to pick what you and your sweetheart will snuggle and watch together. 
  7. Take a bath together: Set up candles and fill the tub with a lovely smelling bubble bath. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy laid-back time with your partner. 
  8. Take a trip in the past: Cuddle on the couch and look at pictures from the beginning of your relationship. This is a great time to tell your partner what you love most about your relationship then and now. 

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  • My favorite date night would he any alone time sitting outside ik the snow would be awesome. We don't see much alone time between him working & 2 toddlers under 3 lol.

  • Loving your blog! My favorite date night is when my hubby and I have a nice dinner together and then watch a good movie. A living room picnic sounds really intriguing and a little romantic too!

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