January 17

Create Your Own Word Search Activity for Kids (Free printable)


The “Make Your Own Word Search” printable can be used in several different ways: 

  • Ask your kids to create a word search about a family member and give it to them as a gift. Remind the kids to use words that describe the person or why they like them. Like for my Grandma, I would include loving, tough, etc. 
  • Give your kids a topic like dogs and ask them to create a word search. This will keep their brains working and challenge them. You could give a prize at the end. 
  • Ask your kids to create a word search for their sibling; once they are finished, switch! 
  • Surprise your significant other with a word search that describes how you feel about them. (It can even be spicy!) 
There are two versions of the printable. One has a place for a name, date, and has a graphic. The second printable has a blank space for a topic or person’s name and no graphics.

If you can think of another way to use the “Make Your Own Word Search” printable, let me know in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you think of! 



Make your own word search
word search for kids
Click here to download both for free!





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