March 30

5 Moving Tips for a Smooth Move


As I sit in the middle of my living room full of boxes, I am inspired to share the tips that have helped to make my move smoother. 

Moving tips
  1. Stop major grocery shopping: Only purchase the absolute necessities and use up as much as your groceries as you can leading up to your move.  
  2. Have a labeling system:  Think about what will be easiest for you to know where boxes go once you are moving into your new home. I am labeling my boxes by the room they belong in. To make your labels stand out use name tags and place them on the top and side of your boxes. You can also color-code your boxes, yellow stickers for the kitchen, pink for the kid’s bedroom, etc.
  3. Create a First Night Essential Box: The first night in your new home does not need to be spent searching through boxes to find that one item you need. Instead back a box of essentials for the kitchen and bathroom, as well a suitcase for each family member with clothing and personal items for the first week. 
  4. Leave your clothes on the hanger: Do not cause yourself more work by taking your clothes off the hangers. Instead, wrap them in a large garbage bag and skip on buying the wardrobe boxes, those things are not cheap! 
  5. Use Paper plates between dishes: Have you run out of ways to protect your dishes, please paper plates between each plate to keep them from scratching each other in transit. Then use the paper plates when you get to your new home. 
I’d love to hear your tips for a stress-free move! Please comment below! 



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