Valentine's Day Date Ideas During Lockdown!

Things to Do on Valentine's Day That You'll Never Forget


Valentine’s Day is going to look different for many this year. But we can still have fun with our loved ones at home this Valentine’s Day. Try one of these ideas to make your Valentine’s Day at home feel a little more exciting.

1. Board Game Date Night: Dust off the board games and spend the evening with games and snacks. 

2. Dinner for Two: Find a new recipe to cook together. Cooking together will be a great opportunity to talk and learn a new recipe together. 

3. Create a Bucketlist: Spend Valentines to sit down together with a batch of brownies and think about the things you both really want to do, together and as individuals when the world opens back up. 

4. Backyard Picnic: Instead of waiting until the evening of Valentine’s celebrates with a lunch backyard picnic with all your favorite picnic foods. 

5. Go for a Hike: Find a new trail to discover with your sweetie. You can chat and find new views together. 

6. Stress-Free Plans: If you can’t choose what movie to watch for date night use the Netflix Roulette tool to pick what you and your sweetheart will snuggle and watch together. 

I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day. 

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